Sample TXT record instructions for domain host

If you need to contact your domain host for help creating a TXT record to verify ownership of your domain name, but you're not sure what to say, just email or phone in the following explanation, which describes exactly what you need.

I recently signed up for G Suite. It allows me to use Google applications--such as Gmail and Google Calendar--for my domain. My domain is hosted with you, and I need help creating a TXT record to prove to Google that I own my domain.

I have a unique security token from Google that I need to include in the Text field (sometimes called the TXT Record, Answer, or Value field) of the TXT record.

Note: You can find your security token in your Google Admin console. It is a 68-character string that begins with google-site-verification:, followed by 43 additional characters (for example, google-site-verification:9B6L-KvJkGbaw3htkiLOGdDKLTFzqd0-8QKKz0TMg1Y).

The Host Name field (sometimes called the Record Host, TXT Name, or Host field) should be left blank. However, if a value is required in this field, enter the @ symbol.

Once the TXT record is created correctly, I'll be able to use G Suite for my domain.

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