Remove a domain or domain alias

If you have added a domain or domain alias to a Google for Work account, but you no longer want to use that domain with your Google services—or if you want to use the domain with another Google account—you can remove the domain from this account. If you added the domain as a separate domain (not a domain alias), you must first remove all of its users and groups. After you remove the domain, Google services such as Gmail and Calendar no longer accept mail or other communications addressed to users in the domain.

If the domain's MX records currently point to Google mail servers, we recommend that—before you remove it—you update the domain's MX records so they don't point to our servers. Otherwise, all messages addressed to users in the domain will be bounced back to the sender.
When you delete a secondary domain, all sites residing on the domain are also deleted. To avoid data loss, copy all sites on the domain you plan to delete to other domains. Refer to Copy a website for more information.

To remove a domain from your Google account:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. From the dashboard, click Domains.

    If you don't see Domains, click More controls.

  3. Click Add/remove domains.
  4. If you're removing a separate domain (not a domain alias), remove all user accounts, email aliases, and groups from the domain.
    Use the Search accounts box at the top of the Admin console to confirm that the domain doesn't include any users, aliases, or groups.
  5. Click Remove in the row for the domain.

    Note: You can't follow these steps to remove the primary domain that's associated with your account—that is, the domain you signed up with. If you no longer want to use your primary domain with Google services, or if you want to add the domain to another Google account, you must first delete this Google account.

  6. Click Yes, remove domain to confirm that you wish to remove the domain from your Google account.

    If there are still users with email addresses in this domain, an error message appears and the domain is not removed.

Once you remove the domain, you can't add any users or groups to it in this account. However, you can add the domain to another Google account and add its users and groups to the domain there.

Typically you can reuse a secondary domain or domain alias within 30 minutes of removal. However, the actual time required is relative to the size of the account from which it is being removed. For larger accounts, you may need to wait up to 24 hours for the removal process to complete before you can reuse it and start adding users.
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