Choosing your primary domain

When you sign your organization up for a Google for Work product, you provide the domain name you want to use with your services. This becomes the primary domain associated with your account. This must either be a domain you already own, or you can purchase a domain during the sign-up process.

You can't change your primary domain. When signing up for your account, be sure to use the actual name you want to use with Google services. To use another primary domain later, you'll have to start over by recreating a whole new account for your organization.

When choosing your primary domain name:

  • Use a name that best represents your organization

    Your primary domain becomes the main brand for your Google services. By default, users you add to your account get a username at this domain—such as They'll use this name to sign in to their Google account and as their email address (if you're using Gmail). You can also build a Google Site with your own custom address For details, see Customize a Google Site address.
  • Don't sign up with a temporary name

    Even if you're just testing Google services for a few users, sign up using your organization's actual domain—even if you're currently using that domain on the Internet. You can test Google services with an active domain without disrupting your existing mailflow or web site. For details, see Run a Google Apps trial.
  • If you plan to associate multiple domains with your Google account...

    Sign up with the name that best represents all your domains, such as a parent business unit or top-level organization. There are limitations with domains you add later. For details, see Add or change domains.
  • You can't use a name that's associated with another Google account

    A domain name can be associated with only one Google account at a time. If a name is associated with another Google account, you'll have to remove the domain from that account before using it with a new account. For details, see Remove a domain or domain alias.

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