Give users an address at another domain

You can give everyone in your primary domain an email address at another domain, by adding a domain alias. For example, a retailer might have domains for two different product lines and want people in the company to be able to send mail using an address from either domain.

Adding a domain alias

When you add a domain alias, everyone at your primary domain—the domain you used to sign up for Google services—gets another address at the alias domain. In the example below, was added as a domain alias to the primary domain This gives Maria, John, and all other users in the primary domain an address at each domain. Mail sent to either of a user's addresses arrives at their same inbox.

How it works
  1. Sign up for Google services using your primary domain.
  2. Add users to your Google account. This gives each user an email address at your primary domain.
  3. Add your domain alias.

Everyone you add to your primary domain automatically gets a second address at your alias domain. For example, now has an alias address Mail sent to either address arrives at Maria’s same inbox. Maria can also set up her Gmail account to send mail from either address.

Note that you can’t customize the first part of a domain alias address (the part before the @ sign). In the example above, can’t have the address

Requirements and restrictions
  • You can add up to 20 domain aliases.
  • You must own the domain name you add as a domain alias, and verify your ownership.
  • You can only add a domain alias to your account's primary domain
  • You can't add a domain name that's associated with another Google account. You must first remove the domain from the other account.
  • Users must still sign in to their Google accounts using their primary domain address. They also use their primary address to do things like sync with mobile devices and share Google Docs and Sites.
  • You can add up to 30 email aliases for each user.

There are other restrictions, as well. For details, see Limitations with additional domains.

Testing Gmail against your legacy mail program? You can also add a domain alias to deliver each user's mail to both their Gmail account and their legacy mail inbox. For details, see Configure dual delivery.

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