Connecting Calendar and Notes

You can use Google Calendar Connector for IBM® Notes® (GCCIN) to let users share availability information between Calendar and Notes. It’s ideal if you’re migrating to G Suite from IBM Notes and have users who want to see availability information across both systems during the migration period.

Learn more about the differences between GCCIN and Google Calendar Resource Sync (GCRS).

How GCCIN works

Checks whether an IBM Notes attendee is available

When you add an attendee to a Calendar event, GCCIN calls the Domino web service. It accesses the Notes busy-time store and returns the information to Google. Using that information, you can see whether the attendee is available for a meeting.

Learn more about the Google Calendar Web Service Protocol.

Checks whether a Google Calendar attendee is available

GCCIN polls Google Calendar every hour to extract meeting information. Using that information, it updates the Notes systems with the Google data and you can see whether the attendee is available for an event.

About the GCCIN components

Connector database

Contains the configuration information. It's made up of the following agents:

  • GetNotesFreeBusy—Responds to Notes availability requests from Google Calendar.
  • Update Calendars—Provides the polling service used for Notes-to-Google lookups. It performs the following tasks:
    • Reads the Domino Directory and creates a profile for each user identified as using Google Calendar.
    • Gets the Google Calendar availability information for each Google user.
    • Writes the Google Calendar availability information to the Notes system.
Log database

Logs events and actions performed by the connector agents and database. Log entries are purged after 7 days.

Service account DLL

The service account dynamic link library (DLL) is used if you authorize using a service account. It's not required if you authorize using 3-legged OAuth.

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