Evaluate a Marketplace app's security

Because G Suite Marketplace apps are developed and sold by third-party vendors, Google can't verify the safety of each app. You should install an app only if you trust the app’s developer and vendor. You are solely responsible for any compromise or loss of data that may result from using a Marketplace app. Please see the G Suite Marketplace Terms of Service for more information.

G Suite Marketplace is open to any software vendor who pays registration fees and adheres to the Marketplace's program policies.
How to evaluate a vendor or application

Here are some things you can do to help verify whether an app is trustworthy, before installing:

  • Look at customer reviews and ratings (available for all Marketplace apps).
  • Carefully read through the vendor’s Terms of Service, privacy policy, and deletion policy.
  • Contact the vendor directly with any questions.

About gadgets

Some vendors may include gadgets in their apps. Gadgets are full-fledged web applications (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) that run within the context of G Suite. They can be installed in Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Sites.

Gmail contextual gadgets are a special class of gadgets that extract data from a message and provide contextually relevant information to your users in the message pane.

A poorly written gadget may have vulnerabilities, and expose your users to risks, including phishing attacks and data loss. Only install gadgets that you trust.

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