User Start Page overview

As a Google Apps administrator, you can create a Start Page for your users, using the Google Sites Start Page template. This page is your users' homepage, on which they can access their Google services and other content -- such as interactive gadgets and RSS feeds -- when they log in to their Google Apps accounts. Here's a simple example of a Start Page:


Note: The Start Page template provides you with much control over the content on users' Start Pages, so it's especially appropriate for organizations -- such as K-12 schools -- that need limit access to some content.

How the Start Page works

On the Start Page, you can add content, including text, images, and gadgets, in a "locked" area, which users can't modify. You can also choose a theme and other design elements for the page. At any time, you can update the locked area and page design, and all users' Start Pages will be updated with the changes.

Below the locked area on the Start Page, users can add gadgets of their choice from the public directory to personalize the page. However, you can specify which of these gadgets users can add to their Start Page, by "whitelisting" or "blacklisting" them. Learn more

For even more control over Start Page content, you can also create private gadgets that are only visible to users in your organization's domain. Learn more

A few notes...

  • Currently, a Gmail gadget isn't available for the Start Page in Google Sites.
  • The Start Page in Google Sites doesn't add a Start Page link at the top of users' Gmail or other Google service page.


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