Options for adding users

For people in your organization to use your G Suite services, you must give each person a user account. 

An account gives each user:

  • A name and password for signing in to Google services
  • An email address at any of your domains (if you're using Gmail) 
  • A profile or contact name, which you can easily change later

Billing and payments

  • Flex Plan customers: Adding user accounts automatically increases your monthly payment.
  • Annual Plan customers (before you begin): If you make payments on the Annual Plan, you must first purchase a user license for each account you plan to add. If necessary, purchase more user licenses.

Learn more: How G Suite Billing works

Add accounts for new users


Add one user at a time (easiest)

Applies only for people who don't yet have a user account. To instead add an address for people who already have accounts, skip to options, below

  • Easiest way to add users if you don’t have a large team.
  • Identifies conflicting accounts—that is, whether a username you want to create matches an existing account.

See the steps: Add a new user


Add users in bulk (large organizations)

Before you begin: Check to see if anyone you plan to add already has a Google Account. Then follow steps to avoid conflicts with those accounts. See  Find and resolve conflicting accounts.

Here are options for adding up to thousands of users:

  • If your organization uses an LDAP directory, such as Microsoft® Active Directory®

    Use Google Cloud Directory Sync to synchronize user data in your existing LDAP directory with your Google account (syncs groups, contacts, and organizations, too).

  • If you have programming skills and want the most flexible option

    Use the Admin SDK Directory API to provision a large number of users.

  • If you're migrating from HCL® Notes® (formerly IBM® Notes)

    Use G Suite Migration for HCL Notes

  • If none of the above options applies for you

    Add up to 150k users at once by uploading their names in a CSV file.


After adding new users

Options for businesses or schools

Add email addresses for existing users

You can create these addresses for users who already have accounts, at no extra charge. You don't have to pay for new accounts to create these addresses.


Give a user another address 

  1. Create an email alias for the user's existing account.
  2. Mail sent to the address arrives in the same inbox as the user's regular mail.

See all steps: Give an existing user another address (sales@)


Create a group address (email list)

  1. Create a group mailing list for a department or team. 
  2. Add existing users to the group.
  3. Mail sent to the group arrives in each group member's inbox.

See all steps: Create an email list (department@)

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