Set up GWMMO (for admins)

Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook

This article is for administrators setting up GWMMO for their users. If you're a user, go to Download & install GWMMO.

You can set up Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GWMMO) for users in your organization so they can import their own email, calendar, and contact data from a Microsoft Outlook account or PST file.

Step 1: Set up your users in Google Workspace

Before your users can migrate data, you have to set up accounts for them in Google Workspace. You can re-create aliases that users had on your Exchange server and create groups that match your Exchange mailing lists. For details, go to Add an account for a new user.

Step 2: Decide about smart features & personalization

Before you migrate data, you need to decide if smart features in Gmail and Google Chat and Meet as well as personalization features in other Google products can use data from Gmail, Chat, and Meet. For certain features to work, such as autosorting in Gmail, smart features and personalization must be turned on in the target account before you migrate data.

Learn more about turning on smart features and personalization.

Step 3: Migrate your shared contacts (Optional)

Before your users migrate their data, you can optionally synchronize your organization’s shared contacts to Google Workspace using Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS). Doing so lets your users have immediate access to your organization's full address list.

For information about syncing contacts, go to Google Cloud Directory Sync.

Step 4: Install GWMMO

You should only use one instance of GWMMO per user.

Option 1: Push an MSI file to your users

  1. Download the Recommended for admins MSI file from the GWMMO download page.

    Use the correct edition (32 or 64-bit) for your users' version of Outlook.

  2. Using the software that you use to deploy your organization's applications, push the MSI file to your users.
  3. Instruct your users to install the file. Your users can follow the instructions at My administrator downloaded GWMMO to my computer.

Option 2: Let your users download & install GWMMO themselves

  1. Instruct your users to download the Recommended for users EXE file from the GWMMO download page.
  2. Your users can complete the installation by following the instructions at I'm downloading & installing GWMMO myself.

Step 5: Instruct users to import their data

  1. Remind users to run only one instance of GWMMO on their computer.
  2. When they're ready to migrate, tell users to follow the instructions in Sign in & set up Google Workspace.

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