Plan your rollout to users

To help your organization make the switch to Google Apps, we've prepared learning resources you can deploy to your Google Apps users both leading up to and during your transition.

Here's what we recommend:

  1. Prepare user guides (optional)
    Customize our pre-built user guides to help users get started with Gmail, Calendar, and the other Google Apps. Just add your logo and fill in information specific to your deployment. Alternately, skip customization and use the guides as is.
  2. Deploy a support site
    Use our Sites template to quickly build a Google Apps learning center for your organization—includes the user guides mentioned above, training videos, instructions for migrating data and using mobile devices, and more. Direct users here at launch time to get them started using Google Apps. Alternately, skip building your own site and direct users to our public learning center, which contains this same information.
  3. Send email announcements
    Keep users informed and set expectations by sending regular communications both before and during your deployment. Use our ready-made email templates.
  4. Print Gmail switch guides
    Greet everyone on launch day with handy print-outs of key tips for switching to Gmail from Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes.
  5. Schedule training
    Smooth the transition by scheduling employee webinars soon after launch, conducted by one of our Google Apps partners.
  6. Inform users of Google Apps updates
    Encourage users to regularly visit our public learning center for announcements of ongoing feature and product enhancements. Administrators can visit the Google Apps release calendar for all the latest product updates.

Find all these resources and more at Google Apps setup and deployment.

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