Change the default visibility of new sites

By default, all users in your domain can find and edit newly created sites. As a Google Apps account administrator, you can change this setting so that new sites created by users in an organization within your domain are private. Note that site creators (or anyone granted owner access to a site) can add collaborators or change the site sharing settings, even if you’ve changed the default visibility of new sites.

To change the default visibility setting:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console

  2. Click Google Apps > Sites > Sharing settings. Where is it? 

  3. Select an organization. You will restrict the visibility of new sites for users in this organization. If you have a lot of organizations, click the '+' button to expand your options.

  4. Under the Settings section, go to Site Visibility.

  5. Under Visibility of Site, select Private to restrict the default visibility of new sites to the site creator.

  6. Click Save changes.

To restore an organization’s ability to create new sites, select Users at <organization name> can find and access sites and then click Save changes. To have a suborganization inherit the visibility setting from its parent organization, click the Use inherited button near the right margin before saving.

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