About deprecated Gmail APIs

As an administrator, you need to update any application using a deprecated Application Programmers Interface (API) before the shutdown date (see table). If not, features using that API will stop working.

What’s happening with Gmail APIs?

Most of the APIs previously used to set up and manage Gmail are deprecated and have been shut down. Others are scheduled to be shut down soon.  Most newer Google APIs are not Google Data APIs. The Google Data APIs documentation applies only to the older APIs that are listed in the Google Data APIs directory.

See the table for deprecated APIs and their respective replacement.

Deprecated API Shutdown date Current API
1Email settings API  November 15, 2017  Gmail API
Admin settings API August 16, 2017 Admin SDK Directory API
G Suite Provisioning API April 20, 2015 Admin SDK Directory API
G Suite Reporting API April 20, 2015 Admin SDK Reports API

1For information about migrating an application from the Email settings API to the Gmail API, see the migration guide.

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