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Transfer tokens

Note: If a Google Apps customer who has Google Drive storage licenses set up wants to transfer to a reseller, they need to transfer to a reseller who can resell both Google Apps and Drive storage licenses. A Google Apps customer won’t be able to transfer just their Google Apps accounts or Drive storage licenses to a reseller, but must transfer both Google Apps and Drive storage licenses to the reseller. Customers should contact their reseller before transferring.

You can access a domain's transfer token at Once you authenticate with a valid admin username and password, this page contains a token URL which allows you to transfer the management of your Google Apps account to a new Google Apps Authorized Reseller.

After generating a new token, give the token's alphanumeric code to your reseller who then completes the transfer for you. Remember, transfer tokens expire 14 days after being generated.

Once the transfer is completed, your transferred account is a new subscription. The effects of the transfer depend on your previous commitment to Google Apps. Read the sections below for details.

Subscription periods

  • If you transfer from a no-commitment plan (Flexible Plan), you may start either a new Flexible Plan or a new Annual Plan (either version) with the reseller.
  • If you transfer from a 12 month commitment plan, either Annual Plan (Yearly Payments) or Annual Plan (Monthly Payments), you may start either a new Flexible Plan or a new Annual Plan (either version) with the reseller. However, the customer will NOT receive a refund for any pre-paid amount under the Annual Plan (Yearly Payments). We recommend that you transfer customers who are already on the Annual Plan (Yearly Payments) at the end of their service year, during renewal. If the customer was on the Annual Plan (Monthly Payments), they will not be billed for the closeout charge.

User and license restrictions

  • During a transfer, your new subscription must equal to or greater than the number of licenses in your previous commitment. For example, if your current commitment is for 200 seats, you cannot reduce your commitment to 150 seats during the transfer.
  • The only exception is if you are on either version of the Annual Plan and you are within 30 days of the end of your term. Then the reseller may enter a new order for a lower number of licenses.
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