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My users can't access public document templates

Note: Admins will be unable to modify Drive template settings from the admin console until late 2016.

Google Drive includes the ability to define and use templates as a starting point for formatting documents. The available templates are listed in the template gallery. The template gallery includes templates that you have created, templates created by your co-workers, and public templates.

If your users do not have access to public templates, they receive an error message when they attempt to view the available public templates, such as Sorry, your search didn't return any templates or Sorry, no templates match the selected filters. To allow your users to view and use public templates, you must enable them to receive documents from outside of your organization.

To make public templates available to users:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Click Apps > G Suite > Drive > Sharing settings.
  3. To allow users to share documents outside of your organization, select Users can share documents outside this organization.

    If you don't want to allow users to share documents outside of your organization but do want them to be able to view and use public templates, select Let users receive documents from outside this organization. (Learn more about document sharing options.)

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