Change the settings for an app

After you add an app from the Marketplace, it is listed under Marketplace Apps in your Admin console.

  1. In the Admin console, Click Apps then Marketplace apps.
  2. Click the app name.

Turn an app on or off

You can turn an app on, on for some departments or organizations, or off, without removing it from your domain

Select an option:

  • ON for everyone.
  • ON for some organizations, then select the organization and click Apply.
  • OFF.

You can change an app's settings or availability. Some or all of the following options are available, depending on the app.

Whitelist apps

In Marketplace apps settings you can choose to allow only whitelisted apps. If you choose this option, your users can install only the apps you select, or 'whitelist’. See Allowing app installations from Marketplace for more information on whitelisting.

Grant or revoke data access

You can see a summary of the data an app has access to by clicking Data access. If the app has access to your domain’s data, it will say Granted. If the app does not have access to your domain’s data, it will say Approval Needed.

If the app requires API access to your Google Apps data, those APIs are listed in this section.

Note: If the app is enabled and requires data access, and you revoke data access, the app may not function properly.

Learn more about understanding data access.

Universal navigation links

Users can open apps from the app launcher. Learn more about user access to Marketplace apps.

Single Sign On via OpenID

An app can obtain the OpenID identity of people in your domain automatically when they visit the web sites (OpenID realms) listed here. This identity information can also include email addresses and names, and enables the app to provide an instant Single-Sign-On experience. Learn more about OpenID.

Additional settings

Click the links to access any additional settings available for the app.


Click Support to access support at the vendor's support site. Learn more about getting support for an app.

Delete or disable an app

Learn more about how to Disable or delete an app