Help your users open a G Suite Marketplace app

As a G Suite admin, after you install a G Suite Marketplace app, inform your users that the app can be opened in multiple ways. Share the following information with your users.

After a G Suite Marketplace app is installed by your admin, you can open it the following different ways (depending on the type of G Suite Marketplace app):

  • In Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, click Add-onsand thenthe G Suite Marketplace app.
  • In Google Drive, open the app directly.
    • If an app creates a special type of file—like a flow chart file—you can create that file type using the New button in Drive.
    • Or, right-click a file, select Open with, then select the G Suite Marketplace app associated with the file.
  • In a G Suite app, in the top-right corner, click Google apps "" and scroll down to see available apps.
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