Assign product licenses to users

If you purchase more than one Google enterprise product, such as Google Apps for Business and Google Maps Coordinate, you need to assign licenses to the people who should use each product. A user must have a license for a product before it becomes available in their list of Google services. You can assign licenses to individual users, everyone in an organizational unit, or everyone in your account.

If you've purchased only one Google product, the Admin console automatically assigns each of your users a license for that product so you don't need to assign licenses as described here.

Some products include multiple services but require only one license per user. A license for Google Apps, for example, gives a user access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and all the other services included with Google Apps.

To assign product licenses:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. From the dashboard, click Billing. Where is it?

    The Billing page lists each product you've purchased, along with basic information about your subscription.

  3. Click next to the product you want to assign licenses for.
  4. On the license management page, do one of the following:
    Assign a license to every user in your account
    1. Click the Manage licenses tab.
    2. Next to Automatic License Assignment, check the box that assigns licenses to all unassigned users.
    3. If available, choose a license option from the drop list below the check box.

    Turning on automatic license assignment assigns a license to every user in your account who doesn't currently have a license for this product. It also assigns a license to each new user you add to your account in the future. If you run out of available licenses, users are added without a license (with this possible exception for Google Apps licenses).

    Assign a license to individual users
    1. Click the Unassigned users tab.
    2. Check the box next to each user you want to assign a license to.
    3. Click the Assign button and choose the license option you want from the drop-list that appears.

      The list also shows the number of licenses you've purchased and the number that are already in use.

    This assigns a license to each selected user and moves them from the Unassigned users tab to the Assigned users tab.

    Upload a list of users
    1. Click the Manage licenses tab.
    2. Next to Assign bulk licenses to users, click Choose File. Select a CSV file from your computer or network to upload to the console.

      This should be a text file that contains the full email address of each user you want to assign a license to (include one address per line).

    3. Click Upload.

    This assigns a license to each user in the CSV file.

    Assign a license to an organizational unit
    1. Click the Unassigned users tab.
    2. Click the Org link just below the tabs and select the organization you want to assign licenses to.

      This shows how many users in the organization do and don't have licenses.

    3. Click the Assign button and select the license option from the drop-down list.

      If some users in the organization already have licenses, you'll be asked whether you want to replace those users' licenses or only assign licenses to users who don't already have a license.

    Note that assigning licenses to an organizational unit gives only users in that organization a license. Users in suborganizations do not receive licenses.

If you don't have enough available licenses for the users you're trying to assign licenses to, you'll receive an error message and licenses won't be assigned. Either reduce the number of users or purchase more licenses.