About migrating data with GAMME

This feature is not available in the legacy free edition of Google Apps.

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft® Exchange (GAMME) is a utility that migrates mail, calendar, and contact data from your Microsoft Exchange Server or mail from an IMAP server to Google Apps. It can migrate your email from almost any type of mail server (including Exchange, GroupWise, and Gmail) to Google Apps.

There are three main steps to migrate your mail:

  1. Set 3 settings in your Google Admin console to allow mail migration (see below).
  2. Create a CSV file of the users you want to migrate mail.
  3. Download the GAMME tool and run it to migrate mail.

System requirements

Component Requirements
Google Apps
  • Google Apps for Work or Education.
  • Do the following in your Google Admin console:
    • Enable the provisioning API
    • Enable your OAuth consumer key
    • Specify the API scopes
Learn how to configure the Admin console for GAMME.
Mail server
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server (2000, 2003, 2007 or 2010) or IMAP server (any RFC 3501-compliant IMAP server, including Microsoft Exchange, Novell® GroupWise®, Cyrus, Courier, Dovecot, SunMail, Zimbra, and Gmail).
  • One administrative account on your server that has permission to read each user's mailbox. In Microsoft Exchange, the permission Receive As is sufficient.
Client computer
  • Microsoft Windows® (for each computer on which you install the utility): XP SP3, Windows Vista®, XP3, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003/2008

  • Microsoft Outlook® 2003, 2007, or 2010 (32-bit version)
GAMME currently does not work with the 64-bit versions of Outlook. We recommend that you use the latest patches for both Windows and Outlook.


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