Managing Gmail for G Suite

G Suite Gmail is an enhanced version of Google's popular Gmail service that provides business-grade performance, security, and functionality for any size organization. Learn more about Gmail features with G Suite.

As a G Suite administrator, you can:

Switch your team's business email to Gmail
Each person in your G Suite account can use your organization's email address with Gmail. If they're currently using this address with your old mail program, you decide when to make the switch. Mail won't start flowing to their Gmail account (and stop flowing to their old mail program) until you change your domain's MX records.

Pilot Gmail with just a few users
You can evaluate Gmail with just a few users before switching over your whole team, by running a pilot program. Piloting won't interrupt anyone's mail service, and all your users can continue to use their current email address.

Protect against email threats
Spammers might try to forge, or "spoof," your domain's From address to make their spam look like it came from someone in your domain. To help prevent this type of abuse, we recommend three anti-spoofing measures that authenticate mail sent from your domain.

Help your team move their old email to Gmail
When switching to G Suite from another program or web service, your team can bring your existing mail, contacts, and calendars with you. You have several options for migrating mail into G Suite, depending on the size of your organization and the system you’re coming from.

Turn on Gmail business features for users
Make settings in your Admin console to turn on business features for users such as offline access, read receipts, the option to use Outlook or another mail client, and more.

Analyze mail flow problems with email log search
Track down missing messages, identify sender and recipient IP addresses, and troubleshoot other mail delivery problems using the email log search tool. 

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