Using Gmail in your organization

Google Apps Gmail is an enhanced version of Google's popular Gmail service that provides enterprise-grade performance, security, and functionality for any size organization. Here's a summary of what's supported. The exact features available for your domain depend on your edition of Google Apps.

Mail services in the cloud

  • Secure access from anywhere
    Unlike an email application managed behind your firewall, Gmail is a hosted service where users can sign in from any web browser on any device, accessing email that's stored securely at Google, rather than on their computer or your mail server.
  • Your brand in a browser
    With Google Apps Gmail, users have their own address at your domain ( They can also access Gmail at your URL (as in, and work in a web browser without Gmail ads, that's branded with your organization's logo and colors.

Administrative and business controls

  • Web-based Admin console
    Administrators can manage your domain's email settings and policies, as well as user-level controls, by logging in to a secure, web-based Admin console. Set email retention policies, configure mailflow routing, grant user permissions, and more.
  • Threat protection and compliance
    In addition to Gmail's powerful junk email filtering and virus blocking, Google also offers advanced Gmail settings for spam, compliance, and mail routing. Archiving with Google Apps Vault can also be purchased separately.
  • Security
    Google Apps provides enhanced security for the enterprise including enforced SSL and password strength requirements.
  • Programming APIs
    Google Apps includes several APIs you can use to programmatically manage users' email settings, generate reports on email usage, and perform other administrative controls.

Business-grade functionality

  • Reliability and support
    Google Apps Gmail includes a 99% uptime guarantee SLA, 24/7 phone support for "unavailable service" emergencies, as well as email and self-service support.
  • Email productivity and workflow
    Google Apps Gmail provides enterprise-grade features such as mail delegation, powerful search and mail management tools, offline access, integrated voice and video chat, and more.  With Google Apps for Business or Education, each user gets 30 GB of storage for Gmail, Google Drive, and Picasa Web Albums.
  • Outlook synchronization
    Enable Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, and your Outlook users can access their Gmail from Microsoft Outlook, as well as from the Gmail web interface. Do this during a Google Apps pilot, or for users with business-critical workflows in Outlook.
  • BlackBerry and mobile support
    Users can access Gmail from mobile phones including BlackBerry devices, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and more. Remote administration from your BlackBerry Enterprise Server is supported, as well as remote administrative control of iPhone and Windows Mobile devices.

Setup and Configuration

  • Basic setup
    Setting up Gmail for your users can be as easy as making some optional settings in your Google Admin console, adding user accounts (manually or via a bulk method), then visiting your domain's hosting registrar to redirect mailflow to Google's servers.
  • Email migration
    Google provides several options for migrating users' existing messages into their new Gmail accounts—from Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, IMAP servers, and POP accounts. Depending on the source, you can use administrative controls to migrate users' mail for them, or let people migrate their own data.
  • Piloting or integrating with existing systems
    Advanced delivery options are available for piloting just a subset of your domain's users on Gmail, for directing mailflow through your existing server (to apply legacy policies to your Gmail deployment), or for otherwise customizing your mailflow.
  • Provisioning and configuration APIs
    Google Apps also includes APIs for programmatically setting up mailflow, adding users, and creating groups.