Get started with Google Apps Sync

Welcome to Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®! Here's how we suggest you get started:

  1. Install Google Apps Sync

    Install, sign in, and import data

    Follow these instructions to install Google Apps Sync, create a Google Apps profile in Outlook, and optionally import data from your old Microsoft® Exchange profile or PST file. Problems importing?

  2. If you imported data

    If you imported data, see exactly what gets synchronized and take a look at the Best practices in Outlook Mail to finish setting up your Outlook profile.

  3. See what's different about Outlook

    Follow these links to see what's different about using Outlook with Google Apps Sync, including Google-specific features, what's not supported that might be with your previous service, and what works differently.

  4. Make Google Apps your default Outlook profile

    Make Google your default profile

    Make Outlook open your Google Apps profile by default, without asking you to select a profile each time it starts (applies only if you still have your old Outlook profile around).

  5. Check out the Google Apps web interface, too!

    See what gets synchronized

    Check out these links to learn important differences between accessing your account in Outlook vs. Google Apps, including what to set up in the Google Apps interface, and what’s not supported there.

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