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Manage gadget access

You can use the Feed Server Client Tool (FSCT) to control which gadgets appear in the Sites gadget directory for your domain. Using the FSCT, you can choose to explicitly select relevant gadgets for your domain's directory or blacklist inappropriate gadgets.

Before you start, make sure you are running Java 1.6. You can check your Java version by running the java-version command.

Manage gadgets

  1. Download and unzip FSCT.
  2. In the FSCT directory, run the program in shell mode:
    $ ./fsct shell //
  3. Next you will be prompted to sign in.
    Note: You must be a domain administrator to change the directory settings for your domain.
  4. Run the following command to show a list of all available commands:
    fsct> help //

If you want to specifically ban certain gadgets from your directory, use a blacklist.

If you want to explicitly authorize every gadget in the directory, use a whitelist .

If you only want the What's Popular gadget to appear in your directory, run the following commands:

fsct> addWhiteListedGadget // URL of gadget specification
fsct> setPublicGadgetDirFilter WHITE_LIST
Changes can take a few hours to be reflected in the directory because of caching. During that time, you can use the dirPublicGadget command to get the up-to-date list of the gadgets that will show up in the directory. Or alternatively, you can add ?nocache=1 to the end of your site URL to see an uncached version of the page.
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