Customize resources for users

We've provided a "getting started" guide template for Google Groups for Business that you can customize and provide to your users. The template is a published Google document, so you'll first need to copy the content of the template into a new Google document that you create. Then you can customize it for your users.

A. Copy the content of this template to a Google Drive document:

  1. Open the Google Groups guide template.
  2. Log in to your Google account and open Google Drive.
  3. Create a new document.
  4. Copy the content of this template and paste it into your new Google document.

B. Customize this template before distributing it to users:

  1. Replace variables highlighted in [pink text inside square brackets].
  2. Customize sections with instructions in <<pink text inside angle brackets>>.

C. Distribute the guide to users by doing any of the following:

  • Share the customized document with users using Google Drive.
  • Create an HTML copy, and host it on your intranet.
  • Create a PDF copy, and post it on your intranet. Or sent it to users in an email message (see our email template).


Getting Started Guide |  Email template