New groups don't show up in Groups directory

Problem: Groups that you or users create don't appear in your Groups directory, and they don't show up when searching for groups.

Possible cause: Currently, new groups don't appear in an organization's Groups directory for about 6 hours after you create them. If you're using the Admin SDK Directory API or Google Cloud Directory Sync to create many groups (for example, several hundred), it might take longer for all the groups to appear, depending on the number of groups and how you've set up the API or Directory Sync.

Solution: Check your Groups directory after 6 hours to ensure that the groups were added. Or, if you've used Admin SDK Directory API/Google Cloud Directory Sync, check your Groups directory periodically over the next several days.

Possible cause: When creating Google Groups in bulk using Google's API, the groups may not immediately appear in the directory listing. Google Groups uploaded using the API will take between 1 and 3 days to appear in the directory listing.

Solution: Plan your Groups upload with the understanding that the groups will only begin to appear in the directory on the next day, and they may take as many as three days to appear. As an alternative, create Groups using the web interface.

Possible cause: Groups that you created before enabling the Google Groups for Business service do not appear in the Groups directory by default. This default setting helps to prevent private groups from inadvertently being shown to all users in your domain.

Solution: To make these groups visible in your Groups directory, you'll need to edit their access settings. Learn more

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