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Considerations before disabling Google+

If you disable Google+, your users can no longer sign in to Google+ using their Google Apps account. Before you disable Google+, it's important to review what will happen.

After you disable Google+:

  • The following Google+ data is still visible to others:
    • Google+ Profiles: The sections of users’ profiles that they shared publicly are still visible to anyone on the web.
    • Posts: All of a user’s posts (text, photos, and videos) are still visible to anyone with whom they shared them.

    To remove this data so it’s not visible to others, users can downgrade from Google+. Downgrading removes Google+ from their Google Apps accounts and permanently deletes all their Google+ data, including their Google+ Profile. Keep in mind that users can downgrade their accounts only if Google+ is still enabled. Learn more

  • Any photos and videos that users shared through Picasa Web Albums are not deleted, even if users downgrade their accounts to remove Google+. Also, users can still access their photos and videos in Picasa Web Albums, unless you also disable that service.
  • If you also disable Picasa Web Albums, users’ photos are not deleted. Anyone with whom users shared photos can still view those photos.
  • If users still have access to their Google Apps accounts, they can export their Google+ data, including their profiles, circles, streams, contacts, and photos in Picasa Web Albums, using services such as Google Takeout (even if Google+ is disabled). Learn more
Our recommendation

Before you disable the service, consider instructing users to remove Google+ from their Google Apps accounts to delete their Google+ data. Also make sure to let your users know when they'll no longer have access to the service.

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