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What is Google+ for G Suite customers? What are the business features of Google+?

Google+ profiles

What is a Google+ profile?

A Google+ Profile lets users manage their online identity across all G Suite products, and includes the user's name, biographical information, contact details, and more. It's visible to others both inside and outside your organization’s domain; however, users can choose which information in their profiles to share publicly or with just specific circles, and which information to keep private. Learn more about how to Manage your Google+ Profiles.

Note: If a user changes their name in their profile, the new name appears in all of their G Suite services. The new name also overrides the name that's set in the user's account information in the Admin console, so the name also appears in the user's contact details in the Contacts Manager. At this time, once a user changes his or her name, you can't edit this information in the Admin console, either manually or by using the Admin SDK Directory API. This is a known issue and will be resolved in an upcoming release of Google+.
Can I create and manage profiles for my users?

Yes,  for example:

  • See which users in your organization’s domain have Google+ profiles. Learn more
  • Create and delete Google+ profiles for users in your organization’s domain. Learn more
  • Prevent users from changing their Google+ profile names. Learn more

Support and availability

What support is available for G Suite customers using Google+

See Train your Google+ users.

For more information, see Support for Google+.
Is Google+ available on mobile devices?

Yes, your users can use Google+ on mobile devices, using either a native app or a mobile web browser. 

Privacy and security

Can I prevent users from sharing information with people outside my organization?

No, Google+ doesn't include controls for limiting sharing with others outside your organization’s domain. However, users can choose to restrict posts to their domain only. This also prevents anyone from re-sharing their posts with external users. You can also make restricted posts the default for your users, so if they do choose to share a post with external users, they'll need to remove the restriction before posting.

Learn more about Google+ business features

What administrative control do I have over Google+ for my organization?

As an administrator, you have on/off control for Google+ for your entire domain or for organizational units within it. Learn more

Who owns Google+ content: users or our organization?

Because users access Google+ through their G Suite accounts, Google+ data is owned by either your organization or the user, depending on your organization's data policies.

If I delete a user's account, is that user's Google+ data also deleted?

Yes, if you delete a user's G Suite account, all that user's Google+ for Work data will be deleted from the Google+ service, including the user's profile, posts, and photos.

Enabling and disabling Google+

How do I turn on Google+ for Work for my users?

You can turn the service on or off in your Google Admin console. For details, see Turn Google+ on or off for users.

Can I turn on Google+ for only some of my users?

Yes, you can turn on Google+ just for some users by placing their accounts in specific organizational units. For details, see Add an organizational unit.

Can I turn on Google+ for specific sub-domains associated with our G Suite domain?


  • To enable Google+ for users in all sub-domains within your G Suite domain, turn on Google+ for your top-level domain or organizational unit.
  • To turn on Google+ only for users in some sub-domains, place domain-specific accounts in their own organizational unit (org). Then turn on Google+ for just that org. For details, see Managing multiple domains or Add an organizational unit.
Can I enable Google+ for my domain if I'm not a G Suite customer?

No. You need to sign up your domain for G Suite, because users need to sign in to the service using their domain email address.

Can I use Google+ for my domain without other G Suite services, such as Gmail?

Yes. After you sign up your domain for G Suite, you can turn off the services you don't want to use.

Learn to turn services on or off.

What if a user already has a personal Google+ account?

If a user already signed up for a personal Google+ account using his or her personal email address, the user can continue using that account.

What happens if I disable Google+? What happens if a user leaves our organization?

If you delete the user's account: All the user's Google+ data will also be deleted. Depending on your organization, however, you might want to let the user export his or her Google+ data first. Learn more

If you suspend the user's account instead of deleting it: The user won't be able to access Google+. Their content is temporarily inaccessible to collaborators, but not deleted, unless you downgrade the suspended user's account from Google+ to remove the service. (As an administrator, you can access the user's suspended account). Learn more about suspending users.

Educational institutions: If you provide students or faculty with a life-long email address, you can disable Google+ without deleting their G Suite account. See considerations before disabling Google+.

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