Get started with Google+

Here's how we recommend you roll out Google+ to your team:

  1. Review the list of considerations for enabling Google+
    It's important to understand how Google+ works, what your users can do, and what they can share outside your organization before you enable the service.
  2. Review system requirements for Hangouts
    Make sure users' computers meet the browser, operating system, and other requirements for Hangouts.
  3. Check firewall settings for Hangouts
    You might need to adjust your firewall settings for Hangouts to work.
  4. Enable Google+
    You can enable the service for your entire organization or just specific users. Consider enabling Google+ for a small group of users first as a trial, and then enable the service for the rest of your organization.
  5. Check out Google+ advanced features
    Use Google+ to restrict user content to your organization only by default, restrict Hangouts video calls to only those who are invited, control whether users can use Hangouts On Air, and more.
  6. Tell your users about their new service
    Make sure you let your users know that Google+ is available for their Google Apps accounts and how they can sign up.