Contacts autocomplete function & Google Apps integration

Contacts integrates with Google Apps and other services enabled for your domain, such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Google+, and Hangouts by supplying contact information to the autocomplete function used in each of these Apps.

When a user begins typing into an address field within any App, a list of matching contact names automatically appears. This list narrows as the user types more letters into the field. The user can then select any address from this list, and the full address automatically fills the field. For example, you may see the autocomplete feature in the:

  • To, Cc, and Bcc fields when composing a message in Gmail
  • Add: Guests field in a Calendar event
  • Invite people field when sharing a Doc
  • To field when sharing a Google+ post
  • Chat application

If contact sharing is enabled, the contacts listed in your domain’s Google Apps Directory appear in the autocomplete. A user’s personal contacts and groups also appear in their own autocomplete list but do not appear in other users’ autocomplete lists. Google Groups created for the domain appear in the autocomplete function in Apps, but do not appear in a user’s list of contacts in the Contact Manager.

Note: Changes made to your domain or personal contacts will take up to 24 hours to appear.
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