Typing addresses in G Suite

To make it easy to enter addresses when sending mail or sharing documents in G Suite, Google Contacts fills in, or autocompletes, names as you type. When you start typing in an address field in any app, a list of matching contact names appears. This list narrows as you type more of the address. You can then select any address from this list to enter it in the field. 

Where addresses autocomplete

Addresses autocomplete in address fields of all services in your G Suite account. These services include Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive, Google+, and more. For example, addresses autocomplete in the:

  • To, Cc, and Bcc fields when composing a message in Gmail
  • Add: Guests field when inviting people to a Calendar event
  • Invite people field when sharing a Doc
  • To field when sharing a Google+ post
  • The search field in Gmail's Chat application
  • Any other address field in G Suite.

Which addresses autocomplete

When typing in an address field in any service, the following addresses can appear:

  • Global Directory contacts (if enabled). These include internal users and can also include external contacts and Calendar resources. For details, see Manage the global Directory
  • Google Groups created in your Admin console or with Google Groups for Business. For details, see Managing Groups for G Suite.
  • Personal contacts and groups. A user's personal contacts appear in their own autocomplete list but not in other users’ lists.

Important notes about Gmail autocomplete

  • The Gmail desktop web interface displays addresses from both the personal address book and the Global directory.
  • The Gmail mobile interface auto-populates Directory contacts unless Contact sharing is turned off.
  • In Google Drive, autocomplete only works for previously contacted addresses. 

When you add new users 

When you add new users, the time it takes for the autocomplete list to be updated with the newly created users' addresses may vary. For a small number of users, the update can be immediate. However, for many users (for example, a large global directory) it may take up to 48 hours.

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