The Google Apps Contact Manager

With Google Apps, you and your users manage all your contacts from a central Contact Manager. These contacts include shared contacts in your organization's global Directory and a user’s personal contacts. 

The Contact Manager is only available for users whose Gmail  and Contacts services are turned on in your Admin console. 

Open the Contact Manager

You can open the Google Apps Contact Manager in a few different ways:

  • From Gmail: Click Mail at the top left. Then click Contacts.
  • From any Google service: Click App Launcher at the top of any service window. Then click the Contacts service. 

Find shared global contacts

To browse shared contacts in the global Directory, click the Directory group at the left of the Contact Manager. This group is available only if contact sharing is turned on in your Admin console. When contact sharing is off, the Directory group goes away. To turn contact sharing on or off, see Turn the global Directory on or off.

Only an administrator can control which contacts appear in the global Directory. For details, see Manage the global Directory.

Manage personal contacts

To browse your personal contacts, click either the My Contacts or All Contacts group at the left of your Contact Manager (whichever group is showing). This group includes contacts you add yourself that aren't shared with others. Here, you can:

  • Add, edit, and delete your own personal contacts.
  • Create personal groups for contacting several people with one address.
  • Restore contacts to revert to an earlier version of their personal contacts.

For steps on doing these tasks, see the Gmail Help Center.

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