Uninstall GWMHN

When you finish migrating data with Google Workspace Migration for HCL Notes (GWMHN), you can uninstall the product.

Step 1: Remove the components

  1. Open the migration server and locate the program files for GWMHN.
  2. Select the following components:
    • Administration database
    • Feeder databases
    • Log databases created by the system
  3. Right-click and select Delete Database.

    If you have replicas, check the Also delete replicas box.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Make sure the GWMHN template files have also been deleted from the server. If they have not, manually delete them.
  6. In your Domino directory, delete Gmail Feeder number mail-in database documents.

Step 2: Remove the service account DLL

If you completed these steps when you uninstalled GCCHN or GCRS, you don't need to complete them again.

  1. Shut down the migration server.
  2. On the same server, start a command prompt in elevated mode.

    To do this, point to the command prompt icon in the Windows Start menu, right-click, and select Run as administrator.

  3. To locate where the dynamic link library (DLL) is registered, enter the following command:

    reg query HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes /s /f service_account_com_dll.dll

  4. If the DLL is not registered, skip to step 7. Otherwise, move to the folder for your version of Domino:
    • 64-bit version–Go to C:\Windows\System32.
    • 32-bit version–Go to C:\Windows\SysWoW64.
  5. To deregister the service account DLL, enter the following command:

    regsvr32.exe -u C:\IBM\Domino\service_account_com_dll.dll

    Replace IBM\Domino with the path to your Domino program folder.

  6. Delete the service_account_com_dll.dll files.
  7. Restart the migration server.

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