Access Cloud Shell during your Google Workspace trial

If your organization recently signed up for Google Workspace, your users might get a message that their account is not eligible to use Google Cloud Shell, even if Google Cloud is turned on in your Google Admin console.

Criteria for accessing Cloud Shell

Once your account has met the following criteria, you and your users will have access to all features of Cloud Shell:

  • Google has processed a payment for your account of at least $30 USD (or equivalent in your currency). This amount does not include the cost to purchase your domain if you purchased it through Google Domains.
  • Your users agree to follow all Google Terms of Service.

Make a payment

If you signed up for Google Workspace directly from Google, you can make an early payment or pay for more user accounts to access all Cloud Shell features. After you make the payment, it might take up to 72 hours to process the payment and get access to Cloud Shell.

Why is access limited?

To keep our systems healthy, Google Workspace accounts must meet minimum requirements to use Cloud Shell.

For more information, contact Google Cloud support.

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