Turn access to Gemini for Google Workspace Alpha on or off

As a Google Workspace administrator, you can let your users try Gemini Alpha features before they're released to customers as part of Gemini for Google Workspace.

Important notes about Gemini for Google Workspace

  • The Alpha setting is available only to organizations that are already using Gemini for Google Workspace.
  • Gemini Alpha is turned off by default. Only an admin can turn it on.
  • You can turn on Gemini Alpha features for all of your Gemini for Google Workspace users or for a subset of Gemini users within specific organizational units or groups.
  • Alpha features get the same robust data protection standards that come with all Google Workspace services.

Periodically, Google adds or removes Gemini Alpha features, and this page is updated for the current, supported Alpha features.

What terms apply to Alpha features?

By enabling Alpha features in Gemini for Google Workspace, you agree that the Pre-General Availability Offering Terms (excluding Section 6.1(b)), and Generative AI Services sections of the Google Workspace Service Specific Terms apply to your organization's use of the Alpha features. For clarity, Google's data protection and processing obligations with respect to Customer Data set forth in the Cloud Data Processing Addendum will apply to the Alpha features.

Features available today in Gemini Alpha

Tip! Join Google Cloud Connect to learn about the latest alpha testing opportunities.

Feature availability

Meetings & Messaging
AI Security
Google Vids    
Take notes for me    

Google Vids

Vids is an AI-powered video creation app that’s designed for work and deeply integrated with the Workspace suite you use every day. With Gemini in Vids, use “Help me create'' to generate a first draft video with a prompt and content from your Drive. Enrich scenes with our royalty-free stock content library and personalize your message with Vids recording studio–all without ever leaving Workspace.

Find out what you can do with Google Vids.

Take notes for me

In Google Meet, you can use artificial intelligence to run efficient and productive meetings. With Take notes for me you can:

  • Automatically capture meeting notes and share them in Google Docs.
  • Identify and create action items for meeting attendees.
  • Catch up during the meeting with "summary so far.”
  • Receive a summary of the notes after the call.

Get access to Gemini Alpha features

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in @gmail.com).

  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu and then Accountand thenAccount Settingsand thenGemini for Google Workspace
  3. Click the Alpha features panel.
  4. At the left, choose one of the following:
    1. Users–check if a user currently has access to Gemini Alpha. 
    2. Groups–select groups that will get access to Gemini Alpha. Learn how groups work.
    3. Organizational units–select organizational units that will get access to Gemini Alpha. Learn how organizational units work.
  5. Click On, and then follow the on-screen prompts to enable Gemini Alpha. 



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