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Migrate mail using a Mac

If you're managing your Google Apps account from an Apple® Mac®, you have the following options for migrating mail to your new Google Apps account.

Use Mail Fetcher 

Gmail's Mail Fetcher tool imports all the old messages in your inbox to a new Gmail or Google Apps address. Then, it continues to send new messages that are sent to your old account. In most cases, a user migrates their own mail using Mail Fetcher. However, an administrator with the user's sign-in credentials can migrate on the user's behalf.

Mail Fetcher:

  • Only migrates the messages in a user's inbox.
  • Doesn't migrate folders.
  • Changes the received date of all messages to the date of migration.

Use Mail Fetcher if your users:

  • Don't have strict migration requirements.
  • Haven't archived their messages.
  • Haven't sorted mail into folders.
Use the data migration service

The data migration service lets you migrate your users’ mail to Google Apps from the Google Admin console without installing a client.

Learn more about the data migration service.

Use a tool from the Google Apps Marketplace

Third-party web tools and migration services offered by Google Apps partners are available from the Google Apps Marketplace. Some of these tools migrate mail while preserving receive dates, folder and label structure, read and unread status, and importance levels. Some can also migrate sent messages.

Interested in syncing Google Apps with your Mac? See Sync Google Apps with your Mac for details on how your users can synchronize Google Apps data with desktop clients, such as Mail.

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