Migrate mail using a Mac

If you're managing your Google Apps account from a Mac®, you have the following options for migrating mail from other mail programs to Google Apps. Note that these are client-side tools and work with only one user at a time.

If you have a Windows® computer and want to migrate mail from an IMAP-enabled email service, we recommend that you instead use Google Apps Migration for Microsoft® Exchange. This tool allows you to migrate mail for anywhere from a few users to tens of thousands of users.
Email Uploader for Mac
The Email Uploader is not supported by the Google Apps support team. For detailed instructions and troubleshooting, please visit the Email Uploader Issues and Discussion Group.

Email Uploader for Mac is a desktop utility that uploads email from Apple Mail, Eudora, and Thunderbird; and exported email from Entourage.


Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and a Google Apps account for each user.

Step 1: Enable the Email Migration API (EMAPI)
  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Click Apps Google Apps Gmail User settings.
  3. In User email uploads, check the Allow users to upload mail using the Email Migration API box.
  4. Click Save changes.

Step 2: Use the Email Uploader

Download the Email Uploader utility to each Mac your users want to migrate mail from. The Email Uploader utility is available on the Google Code site.

The uploader will try to find your users' mail archives in their usual locations on Mac OS X:

  • Apple Mail: ~/Library/Mail
  • Eudora: ~/Eudora Folder
  • Thunderbird: ~/Library/Thunderbird

Your can add mail search locations or upload exported Entourage archives using the File menu.


  • Start small. Migrate a small group of users' inboxes when first using the uploader.
  • Be patient. Even after uploading completes, the Gmail server requires time to process uploads.

Note: Labels in Gmail function differently from folders in other mail programs. Learn more about labels in Gmail.

Gmail Mail Fetcher (doesn't migrate folders)

Gmail Mail Fetcher is a tool that migrates mail from a Gmail or non-Gmail account to a Google Apps email account. In most cases, a user migrates their own mail using Mail Fetcher. However, an administrator with the user's login credentials can also migrate the user's mail.

Please note the following limitations. Mail Fetcher:

  • Only migrates messages in the user's inbox.
  • Does not migrate folders.
  • Changes the received date of all messages to the date of migration.

Use Mail Fetcher if your users do not have strict migration requirements and have not archived their messages or sorted mail into folders.

Tools from the Google Apps Marketplace

Third-party web tools and migration services offered by Google Apps partners are available on the Google Apps Marketplace. Some of these tools and services migrate mail while preserving receive dates, folder/label structure, read/unread status, importance levels, and also migrate sent messages.

For more tips, see Synchronize Google Apps with a Mac