Send and verify payments for an invoiced account

The following applies only for customers with invoiced billing accounts.

If you have an invoiced Google billing account, here's how to send your monthly payment for your Google Apps subscription, and verify that your payment has been received.

1. Send your monthly payment (invoiced accounts, only)

  1. Look for your monthly invoice in your email, or in your regular mail (if you supply a paper mail delivery address).
  2. Follow instructions in the invoice to send the check to the correct address, or to initiate the wire transfer to the correct bank account.
    Include the invoice number you want the payment applied to. Otherwise, the payment will be unapplied and won't reduce your amount due.
  3. To apply your payment to more than one invoice, note how much you want applied to each invoice.

2. Verify your payment is received

After we receive your check or you initiate a wire transfer, it can take up to 5 business days for us to process your payment and update your billing account balance. To verify that your payment was received and processed:

  1. Wait up to 5 business days after making your payment.
  2. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  3. From the dashboard, click Billing.

    To see Billing, you must be signed in as an administrator with Domain settings privileges.

  4. Next to your subscription for an invoiced billing account, click Settings and choose Access billing account.
  5. Check the Amount due to see if your payment has been applied to your account's outstanding balance.
  6. Scroll to the table of transactions that have occurred in your account and look for a line item showing your payment.

Learn more about viewing your transaction history.

Don't see a payment?

If you account balance doesn't update within 5 business days of sending your payment, contact the Google collections team.

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