Balance updates after a payment

The time it takes to see a payment reflected in your Google Apps balance depends on how you pay your bill. Typically, here’s what you can expect if you pay by:

  • Check - It can take up to five business days after we receive your check to update your Google Apps balance. If you mail your payment internationally, it can take longer.

  • Wire transfer - It can take up to five business days after initiating the transfer to update your Google Apps account balance.

For both check and wire, your account balance will update about 24 hours after funds are withdrawn from your bank account.

Where to see your payments

Once we’ve processed your payment, you’ll see it reflected in these places after you click the Billing summary page in your Google Apps account:

  • Scorecard - This is the summary view that appears at the top of the page when you view the Billing summary page. You’ll see processed payments in the “Amount due” and “Last successful payment” fields.

  • Invoices tab - You’ll see the “Amount paid” and “Balance” columns updated on the table here when a payment has been applied to one or more invoices.

  • Transaction history tab - Look to the table below the grey bar and you’ll see a line item showing your payment. The balance will reflect this, too.

Learn more about the Transaction history tab and the Invoices tab.

How to make successful payments

To ensure your payments are successful and quickly processed, follow these guidelines:

  • Always include the invoice number to which you’d like your payment applied. (We won’t know if you don’t tell us.)

  • If you want your payment to be applied to more than one invoice, note how much you want applied to each one.

  • Send your payment to the correct bank account. See your invoice for instructions.

Lost payment

If you don't see your account balance update within the typical time frame for your payment type, contact your Google Apps support team.