Accessing your billing account

To access your account:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console
  2. Click Billing > Access billing account. Where is it? 

On this page, you can:

  • Access your invoices

    You can view, download and print your invoices from the table in the Invoices page. Drop down menus allow you to filter invoices based on status (open and past due) and date range. Hyperlinked invoices numbers open up to expanded details about payments, credits and contact information. Learn more about viewing your invoices.

  • See your transactions

    All your transaction history sits under your Transaction history page. Here, you can filter transactions by type - by costs, payments or adjustments - and toggle between summary and detailed views. You can also print and export the information, in whichever way you’ve chosen to filter it. Learn more about viewing your transaction history.

  • Quickly view what’s new

    As you click your way through these pages, you’ll notice that your most pertinent billing information - your payment settings, amount due, and recent activity - is always easy to see. That’s because we’ve placed a summary view of this information in the scorecard, just above the different pages you find in your Billing summary page. If you have unapplied payments, you’ll see an alert here, next to your Amount due. Learn more about unapplied payments.

  • Filter your data

    Click the All time drop down menu in the upper right corner to view your information for the current period or a specific date range. This menu can be used in conjunction with filters offered on the pages below.

  • Tweak your settings

    Click the Settings page or the Billing profile link on the left side of the page to add, remove or update mailing and email addresses for invoice recipients. Learn how to change your mailing and email addresses.