View invoice details (invoiced account)

The following applies only for customers with invoiced billing accounts.

If you pay for your Google Apps subscription using an invoiced billing account, we’ll email you an invoice at the start of each month for your previous month’s payment. We'll mail you a paper copy of your invoice if you also supply us with a paper mail delivery address.

1. View an invoice online

See Download or print invoices or transactions.

2. Understand invoice details

If you have an invoiced Google billing account, details on your invoice can include:

  • Amount paid: The amount of your payments. They may be broken up or combined so that we can match them to your invoices.
  • Canceled: This means your invoice has been canceled. You should see a new invoice number above this line, showing the new invoice number that replaces this one.
  • Balance: The amount you still owe for this invoice.
  • Day(s) past due: How many days your payment is past due, if any.
  • Due date: The date that the payment is due for the invoice. The span of time between the period end date and your due date will depend on your payment terms with Google.
  • Invoice amount: The total amount of the invoice.
  • Invoice number: Click the invoice number for more details about each invoice. You'll also be able to print a copy.
  • Period ending: The last day of the invoice period.
  • Replaces invoice #: If this invoice replaces a previously canceled invoice, this is the number of the previously canceled invoice.