About invoiced billing accounts

Applies to G Suite, Google Drive Enterprise, and other paid subscriptions in your Google Admin console.

If your business has 50 or more employees, you might qualify to pay for your Google service subscription using an invoiced billing account. With an invoiced account, you receive an invoice each month for your subscription. You then initiate your own payments either by check or wire transfer.

To inquire about an invoiced billing account, contact G Suite support.

How an invoiced account works

  • We send you a monthly invoice (no automatic charges)

    Rather than automatically charging your credit card or bank account for your monthly payment, Google sends you a monthly invoice for services. You then send us your payment for the amount of the invoice. Specifically, we send the invoice on the first day of the month for services accrued the previous month.

  • You pay by check or wire transfer (no credit card required)

    With an invoiced billing account, you can send Google your payment either by check or by initiating a wire transfer from your bank. No credit card is required. 

    For details, see Send and verify payments for an invoiced account.

  • You receive invoices in email or regular mail

    Typically, we send your monthly invoice to an email address you give us when you set up your account. If you want, we can also mail you paper copies of your invoices.

    To make sure you always receive your invoices, keep your contact addresses up to date in your Admin console. For details, see Update your invoice delivery addresses.

    Note: European Union (EU) customers who have individual (non-business) accounts don’t receive email invoices. These customers can view transactions and download and print invoices and transactions in the Admin console.

  • You review payments in your Transaction history

    At any time, you can sign in to your Google Admin console to access past invoices, view your account's transaction history, and check status of a recent payment. The transaction history and invoice details you see in your invoiced billing account are a little different than for an account where we charge you automatically.

    For details, see View transaction details and invoice details for an invoiced account.

Paying using an invoiced account is an alternative to these more common payment options.

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