Book Notes resources in G Suite

You can simplify your G Suite transition for your users by allowing them to book your Domino rooms and resources from Google Calendar. You do this by adding the Check ICS agent to your Domino environment. Check ICS intercepts all requests sent to the Rooms and Resources database; if a request comes from Google Calendar, its ICS file is modified so the Domino server can process the request correctly.

Add the Check ICS agent to your Domino server with the following steps:

  1. Check out the file from the lotusscript source area here.
  2. Extract check-ics.lss to your IBM® Notes® client machine's hard drive.
  3. Open your Rooms and Resources database in Domino Designer.
  4. Create a new LotusScript agent and set the Runtime trigger to On event with the value Before new mail arrives.
  5. Select File > Import and import the check-ics.lss source file you downloaded.
  6. Save the agent.

Your users can now book a Domino room or resource in Google Calendar by entering the SMTP address of the room or resource into the Guests field of an event's details page.

Disclaimers and additional information

  • The Check ICS agent is not intended as a permanent calendar coexistence solution. You should use it only while you are in the process of transitioning to G Suite from IBM Notes.
  • The Check ICS agent is not guaranteed to work in all environments or across all versions of Domino server.
  • Before deploying the Check ICS agent to a production server, ensure that it works in your environment. If you encounter any issues, remove the agent from your servers immediately.
  • Recurring events are not supported. See the comments in the agent for more details.
  • The Check ICS agent is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.
  • The Domino server overwrites the original event UID with its own value under certain circumstances. This is signified by the -Lotus_Notes_Generated UID suffix and the message "Unable to retrieve this event from your calendar" in the reservation mail in Gmail. Although this does not prevent the room or resource from being processed correctly on the Domino server, it does mean that the Google Calendar event cannot be updated automatically when the response is received by the Google Calendar user.
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