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    Offline Gmail: Chrome Browser Update

    Gmail Offline access is available as a Chrome browser web app.

    System requirements

    Requirement Note
    Current version of Chrome By default, the Chrome browser automatically updates, so you should have the current version unless you've disabled updates or chosen a different update channel.
    Gmail Offline is not supported for Chrome Frame.
    Gmail Offline Chrome web app (free) G Suite administrators must grant users access to the Chrome store, and then users can download and install the Gmail Offline app on their computer. Or administrators can distribute the web app to their users through an MSI file.
    Offline access enabled in your
    Google Admin console
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    Setting up Gmail Offline

    G Suite administrators have two options for setting up Gmail Offline:
    • User installation: Allow users to download and install the web app from the Chrome store


    • Admin installation: Use the Chrome MSI to deploy the web app on users' machines. This option is useful if you want to restrict user access to the Chrome Store, or manage the installation for users. Enable offline Gmail for your domain before following these instructions.
    User Installation
    Each user who wants to work offline must do the following to enable Gmail Offline:
    1. Use the current version of the Google Chrome web browser.
    1. Go to the Chrome Web Store to download and install the Chrome application for Gmail Offline.

    The app will now appear on Chrome's New Tab page, and can be used immediately. Users can access the app in the New Tab page or add a shortcut (for Windows and Linux).

    1. Learn about the Gmail Offline web app in this article. They can find out how much mail is synced, limitation on attachments, how to delete offline mail from the computer, and more.
    Administrator Installation
    1. Important: First, try the Gmail Offline web app with a small pilot group.
    2. Ensure users have the latest version of Chrome (13 or higher)
    3. Roll out Chrome policies to auto-install the Offline web app within Chrome.
      • On Windows:
        • The ADM/X templates for Chrome's group policy settings are here. They are useful for setting policies quickly, although editing the registry keys directly can work too.
        • Set the policy for the Extension Install Forcelist. More information about this policy is here. This setting should be set to: "ejidjjhkpiempkbhmpbfngldlkglhimk;" in order to pre-install the Gmail Offline app.
      • On Mac:
        • The plist file is in the .dmg bundle. Download and open the bundle, find the resources folder and look for a file, "".
        • That manifest will have the Extension Install Forcelist setting. Set this to "ejidjjhkpiempkbhmpbfngldlkglhimk;" to pre-install the Gmail offline app.
      • On Linux:
        • Follow the instructions for setting up Linux policy settings here.
        • Add a new setting called "ExtensionInstallForcelist" to your policy file with a value of "ejidjjhkpiempkbhmpbfngldlkglhimk;" to get the Gmail offline app.
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