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Cancel your subscription and delete your Google Account

As an administrator, you may no longer want to use Google services with your organization's primary domain. To stop using Google services, cancel your G Suite subscription and delete your Google Account.

Switching accounts? To add your primary domain to a different Google Account, you must first delete your primary domain’s Google Account.

Before you begin

Plan for downtime

Plan for downtime. Deleting your Google Account might take a while. You need to remove user accounts, export data, and do other cleanup. Consider doing this when downtime won’t disrupt your business. In some cases, steps might not work the first time and you’ll need to start over.

Finalize payments or refunds

Make final payments. Deleting your Google Account removes access to your billing information. We recommend you resolve any payment issues.

Save billing records. Before you close your account, print or export any payment receipts or invoices you want to save.

Pay your closeout charge (Annual plan only). If you’re on the Annual Plan, you need to pay the remainder of your annual contract when you cancel your subscription. This closeout charge is the remaining amount due for your annual contract. Per the terms of the Annual Plan, you’re responsible for paying the full amount of your annual contract, even if you cancel your subscription before the contract is over.

Request a refund of credit. After canceling all your subscriptions, and you still have credit in your billing account, you can contact Google Support to request a refund of credit. You need to make your request before deleting your account.

Resolving conflicting user accounts?

Don't delete your domain's Google Account to address conflicting user accounts—especially if people are using your Google services. Instead, see how to resolve a conflicting account.

Deleting business email powered by G Suite?

If you signed up for the business email service that lets you manage your personal and business email via the same Google inbox, you’ve purchased business email powered by G Suite. Learn more

Unlocked additional features?

If you delete your business email account after unlocking additional features, such as adding new users, you lose access to the personal Gmail account you used to sign up for service. Learn about unlocking additional features.

Keep your domain after you delete your account

If you purchased a domain when you signed up for business email powered by G Suite, transfer the domain to another Google user or account, using Google Domains. Learn how to transfer your domain with Google Domains.
If you bought your domain through another domain host, there’s no need to transfer it—it’s already at another host. You’ll still own it and be able to use it after you delete your business email account.

Delete your organization’s account

Follow all of these steps to delete your account.

Step 1: Export data and delete user accounts

Before deleting users’ accounts, export any of their data that you want them to save. When you delete users’ accounts, all of their G Suite data is deleted per Google's Privacy Policy. This data includes their email, calendar events, and documents.


  • User data for other Google products, such as YouTube channels, Google+ profiles, Google AdWords, and Play Developer accounts, is also deleted. For details on how to export data, see the in-product help for the product.
  • If you have a Google Cloud Platform Organization, that Organization gets deleted when you delete your G Suite account. If you want to keep any Cloud Platform projects, you need to transfer ownership of the projects out of the Organization. See the Cloud Platform Help for more information.
  1. Export any user data you want to save.

    You can download data locally as zip files, or transfer data from one program to another; for example, Gmail to another email service via POP or IMAP.

  2. Delete all your users' accounts.
Step 2: Remove any domains and any Marketplace apps you’ve added Step 3: Transfer your domain purchased through Google to another domain host (optional)

If you purchased your domain from a Google partner when you created your account, you’ll need to transfer the domain to another domain host.

See Transfer your domain to another domain host.

Step 4: Cancel your G Suite subscription and delete your account

If you have a G Suite Enterprise, Business, or Basic subscription:

  1. Go to Billing.
  2. Next to your subscription, click Actions and then Cancel subscription.
  3. Read all the information on the page. If you are on an Annual Plan, the value of the remainder of your plan is shown as Closeout charges. If you want to proceed, click Continue.
  4. On the confirmation page, read the information you'll need to complete any outstanding tasks before deleting your account, especially your transaction history and any invoices. 
  5. Check the box indicating you've read the instructions and want to delete your domain's account.
  6. Click Delete my domain

If you have a Google Vault or other subscription:

  1. Cancel your G Suite subscription and all other Google subscriptions associated with your domain.

    Note: After you cancel your subscriptions, you might be signed out of your account. If so, please sign in again. The new Terms of Service will display.

  2. Request any refund of credit that remains after canceling your subscriptions.
  3. Download or print any invoices and receipts you want to save.
  4. Delete your account.

    Go to Company profile and then Profile and then Account deletion and click Delete this account. (This option isn't available if you haven't yet cancelled your subscription.)

  5. Click Continue.

You might need to wait up to 24 hours before you can use this domain with another Google Account. If you purchased this account from a reseller, you might need to wait up to 7 days.


When is my final payment?

If you have any unpaid costs in your account, we'll automatically charge your primary payment method within 31 days after you cancel your subscription.

Note: Your final charge includes unpaid costs that accrue before you cancel. Depending on your subscription, it also includes any costs that might accrue after you cancel.

Where can I see my unpaid costs?
  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console dashboard, go to Billing.
  3. Next to your G Suite subscription, click Actions and then Access billing account.
  4. Check Your balance at the top of the screen to see your total unpaid costs.
  5. (Optional) For a detailed breakdown of your unpaid costs, under Transactions, click View Transactions. Click a time period to scan individual transactions for that period.

    Note: You haven't yet been charged for any costs that are dated after your last payment. You can also see if any costs accrued after your service was canceled—just look for entries that occur after your service stopped. 

Can you refund my credit?

Of course! If you have funds remaining after canceling your subscription, contact us to request a refund

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