Google Apps billing plans overview

Google Apps for Business is available in over 230 countries. See Available forms of payment for more information about currency and forms of payment by country.

During billing setup for Google Apps, you have two choices for your billing plan:

  • Flexible Plan - You have the flexibility to add and delete user accounts at anytime. You will only pay for the service that you use during the month. You will be billed monthly.

  • Annual Plan - You are committing to Google Apps for a full year and get a discounted rate. You can add additional users anytime. You will be billed monthly for a portion of the annual commitment.
Comparing the plan options
Plan Flexible Plan Annual Plan
Contract None 1 year
(billed monthly)
USD $5 per user per month $50 per user per year
EUR €4 per user per month €40 per user per year
GBP £3.3 per user per month £33 per user per year
INR Rs150 per user per month Rs1500 per user per year
JPY ¥600 per user per month ¥6000 per user per year
Selecting the right plan

The right pricing plan is based on your unique needs. When making a decision, keep in mind the differences between the Flexible and Annual Plans:

  • Contract term: there is a one year contract with the Annual Plan and no contract with the Flexible Plan.
  • Price: the Annual Plan is $50 per user account per year (billed in monthly installments) and the Flexible Plan is $5 per user account per month, totaling $60 per user account per year.

We have found that contract term is important for companies with a variable workforce. For example, companies that offer vacation services may double in size during the summer months. The Flexible Plan would allow these companies to provide temporary employees with Google Apps and only pay for the service while it’s used. User accounts could be deleted when employees leave at the end of the summer.