Self-assess VAT

Applies to G Suite, Google Drive Enterprise, Cloud Identity Premium, and other paid services managed in the Google Admin console.

If your business address is within the European Union (EU) but outside of Ireland, we won’t add value-added tax (VAT) charges to your account. You’re responsible for self-assessing your own VAT and paying VAT on your Google service costs at your EU member state’s local rate.

To self-assess VAT, you need to register for a VAT number at your local tax authority.

  • If you have a new Google billing account, enter your VAT number when you’re completing your billing profile.
  • If you have an existing Google billing account, contact G Suite support with your business details and VAT ID, and we’ll update your account. We’ll also determine whether you’re eligible for a credit for previous VAT charges. If you’re eligible, we’ll let you know via email.

After you complete these steps, we’ll stop automatically charging VAT on your Google service payments. You’ll then be responsible for paying VAT on these payments to your country’s tax authority at your EU member state’s rate. If you need help with that process, contact your local tax authority.

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