Navigating the Transaction history page

Your Google billing account's transaction history page gives you easy access to your billing information. You can view costs, see payment details, and make a payment. To access this page:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console
  2. Click Billing > Access billing account. Where is it? 

The scorecard

The top of your transaction history page, known as the scorecard, shows you information that many customers like to check regularly.

  • Current balance: Your account balance, which can include unpaid user costs, as well as funds you've added to your account. Last successful payment: The amount, date, and form of payment used for your last payment.
  • Settings: How you pay for your Google costs, and what form of payment you use.

The scorecard also has a Make a payment button. Click it to add funds to your Google billing account. You can select the form of payment you'd like to use and add as much or as little as you want. Learn more about the Make a payment feature.

Transaction history

The table towards the bottom of the transaction history page presents your account activity, costs, and payments for the selected date range. There are three buttons in the shaded bar above the table:

  • All transactions: Filter your transaction history (by taxes or adjustments, for example).
  • Detailed: See a summary or detailed view of the information in the table.
  • Export: Download, print, and export information as it's shown in the table.

In either the summary or detailed view, the primary information in the table is the same:

  • Starting balance: Your balance on the first day of the date range and on the first day of each ensuing calendar month
  • Costs: The combined costs for all your users on a particular day.
  • Payments: The amount of your payments, as well as the amount of any adjustments applied to your account
  • Balance: The relationship between how much you've accrued in costs and how much you've paid. Every amount in the Debits column increases your balance (meaning you owe more), while every amount in the Credits column decreases your balance (meaning you owe less). The balance represents the difference.

In the table's Summary view, the information is grouped by transaction type so that you can see things like costs, payments, and adjustments at a quick glance.

Transaction type: the type of activity affecting your account balance. These transaction types could appear:

  • Payments: A payment you've made that has been applied to your account.
  • Payment declines: An attempted payment wasn't successful.
  • Debits: User costs that your account has accrued. Click the link in this row to see your account's activity detailed by seats added.
  • Adjustments: A change to your balance not caused by costs or payments.

In Detailed view, you can see your account billing activity detailed by day. (No line item will be shown for days in which no activity occurred.) Here's what you'll see:

  • Subscription update: The number of seats added or removed that day. Click the link to see the activity broken out further.
  • Automatic payment scheduled: An automatic bank account payment will take place in the next few days. This status shows only for accounts on automatic payments with a bank account assigned to be the primary form of payment. Once the payment has been completed, it will show as Automatic payment.
  • In progress: A cost, payment, or adjustment is underway. Once the payment has been completed, it will show as Payment or Automatic payment.
  • Payment: A payment you've initiated with the Make a payment feature has been applied to your account.
  • Automatic payment: An automatic payment has been applied to your account.
  • Payment declined: A payment you attempted with the Make a payment feature wasn't successful.
  • Automatic payment declined: An automatic payment we attempted wasn't successful.
  • Service adjustment: A promotional credit, or a courtesy credit applied by a Google Specialist.

Customize your view

The transaction history table shows you all the details of your account's billing history. On this page, you can filter by:

  • Date range: In the top right corner of the page, select the date range for the information you'd like to view. You view by day, a few months, by quarter, by year, or even define a custom date range.
  • Transaction types: Choose an option from the All transactions drop-down menu to filter the information in the table.
    • All transactions: All information.
    • Costs: Your subscription costs.
    • Payments: The payments we've received.
    • Adjustments: Adjustments we've applied to your account.
    • Taxes: Any taxes that we added to your subscription costs (e.g., VAT).

Print, export and download

Click the Export drop-down list with the download icon download icon (located on the toolbar) to print, export or download a copy of your transaction history.

  • Print selected history: Print your billing summary page for the date range you've selected.
  • Export as .csv: Download information about costs and payments to a .csv file.
  • Export as Google Spreadsheet: Opens the information directly in a Google Spreadsheet in your browser.