Check payment status

See the status of any payment you've made in your Google billing account, in your Transaction history.

To view your Transaction history:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console
  2. From the dashboard, click Billing.

    To see Billing, you must be signed in as an administrator with Domain settings privileges.

  3. Next to your subscription, click Settings and choose Access billing account.
  4. Under Transaction history, check the status of any transaction in the Description column. Here are messages you might see:
    • Automatic payment scheduled: A bank account payment will take place in the next few days. This shows only if your primary payment method is a bank account. 
    • In progress: A cost, payment, or adjustment is underway. 
    • Payment: A manual payment you initiated from your Admin console has been applied to your account.
    • Automatic payment: An automatic payment has been charged to your account.
    • Payment declined: A manual payment you attempted from your Admin console wasn't successful.
    • Automatic payment declined: An automatic charge we attempted wasn't successful.
If you make a manual payment at the end of a month, an automatic charge for some or all of your balance might already be in progress. In this case, the automatic payment might still occur.
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