Automatic payment by bank account overview

Automatic payment by bank account, also called direct debit, is a form of payment in which Google automatically deducts payments from your bank account.

We'll charge you only after you accrue costs. Learn more about when you're billed.

In order to pay by bank account, you'll be required to verify a test deposit (U.S. only) or send us a debit authorization (non-U.S.).

If your account is new, your service may not start until you verify your account or we process the debit authorization. If you'd like service in the meantime, you can submit your credit card information after you initiate the bank account verification or authorization process. Your account can then run on your credit card until your bank account has been verified or authorized.

If your account is existing, you can assign your new bank account to be your primary form of payment at any time. However, until the bank account has been verified or authorized, your costs will continue to be charged to your last primary form of payment.

Learn how to pay automatically by bank account.