Words to know

Because terminology differs among countries, languages, banks, and other companies, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the most common words we use for billing and payments.

  • Annual Plan - This is one of the new monthly payment plans. You are committing to Google Apps for a full year and get a discounted rate. You can add additional users anytime and will be billed on a monthly basis for a portion of the annual commitment.

  • Automatic payments: A payment option in which we automatically charge your primary form of payment for costs that your service has already accrued.
    • Backup credit card: A credit or debit card you assign to be charged if your primary form of payment is ever declined.

    • Primary form of payment: For accounts on automatic payments, this is the form of payment you assign to be charged for your costs.

  • Bank account: A form of payment in which we automatically debit payments from your bank account. Also called direct debit.
    • Debit authorization: For automatic payment by bank account, this is a form you send us that authorizes us to debit money from your account. It's only needed in certain countries.

    • Test deposit: For U.S. accounts that use automatic payment by bank account, this is a small deposit we'll make into your bank account. Before we can debit your bank account, you'll need to verify the deposit to ensure that you provided the correct bank details.

  • Billing address: The address associated with a specific form of payment. This can be different from your business address. You can also have a different billing address for each form of payment in your account, if needed.

  • Business address: The address of your business. You can have only one business address in your account, and it's not required to match any of your billing addresses. Your business address will be printed on any receipts that you generate from your account.

  • Flexible Plan - This is one of the new monthly payment plans. You have the flexibility to add and delete user accounts at anytime. You will only pay for the service that you use during the month. You will be billed monthly.

  • Form of payment: A credit card, debit card, or bank account with which you pay your costs.
    • Form of payment details: The name, address, account number, expiration date, or other account details that define a particular form of payment.

  • Funds transfer: A form of payment in which you transfer money to Google's bank account, and we credit it to your Google Apps account.

  • Make a Payment feature: The button on your billing summary page that allows you to initiate payments to your Google Apps account.

  • Manual payments: A payment method in which you add funds to your account as needed. The costs accrued from your service are deducted from those funds. You'll be notified before your funds are depleted, so that you can make another payment and keep your service running.

  • Payment declined: A payment that has been declined by your bank or credit institution. In some cases, we'll be able to give you details about why the payment was declined. In other cases, you'll need to check directly with your bank or card issuer.

  • Payment details: The date and amount of a particular charge.