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    Billing basics

    To use G Suite beyond your free trial period, you need to start a paid subscription to G Suite services. We then bill you monthly for your service. Here's an overview of how G Suite billing works and some of your options.

    Top things to know about G Suite billing

    Set up billing during free trial

    When you sign up for G Suite, you get a 14-day free trial. You have the full set of G Suite services, including Gmail, video conferencing, and online storage, and you can add up to 10 users to your account. See the G Suite trial FAQ.

    To continuing using G Suite without interruption, set up billing before your trial ends. You won’t be charged until your trial ends or you add more than 10 users. To set up billing, choose G Suite Business or G Suite Basic, and then a billing plan.

    You also get a free trial if you upgrade to G Suite Basic from the legacy free edition of Google Apps. Before your trial ends, either set up billing or downgrade back to the legacy free version. See Upgrade to G Suite Basic.

    Billing country and currency

    When you first set up a Google billing account, you choose a country where you do business and a currency you want to pay in. Your country determines what payment methods you can use. Choose your country and currency carefully, as you can't change these selections later.

    For details, see Payment options in my country.

    G Suite billing plans

    When you set up billing for G Suite, you choose between two billing plans: A Flexible Plan where you're billed only for the user accounts you use each month. Or an Annual Plan, which provides a discount if you commit to a year of service for a minimum number of users.

    Note: The Annual Plan isn’t available in all countries.

    For details, see Compare G Suite billing plans.

    Pay by credit card or bank account

    You can pay for your G Suite subscription using an international credit card. Google accepts payments from Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Or in some locations, you can pay by making withdrawals from a bank account (also called direct debit).

    For details, see G Suite payment options.

    Monthly automatic payments

    When you set up billing for G Suite, you specify a payment method (credit card or bank account) to pay for your service. We charge your payment method each month for the service you used the previous month. You're charged monthly no matter which billing plan you're on. You can change your payment method at any time. But for service to continue uninterrupted, you must always have a valid payment method associated with your account.

    Option to pre-pay: For greater flexibility in how you pay, you can optionally pre-pay by adding credit to your billing account. At the beginning of the month, we'll automatically debit payment from any available credit instead of charging your primary payment method.

    For details, see G Suite payment options.

    Purchasing more users

    No matter which billing plan you're on, you can easily purchase more users as your team grows. Your monthly payments will increase to cover the additional users. Note that on the Annual Plan, however, you can't remove user licenses you've purchased until it's time to renew your annual contract.

    For details, see Purchase user licenses for Annual Plan.

    Renewing the Annual Plan

    If you're on the Annual Plan, you can update your Billing settings to automatically renew your contract at the end of the year. Or you can opt to switch to the Flexible Plan once your contract is up. Just don't let your annual contract expire or your G Suite service will be suspended.

    For details, see Turn on auto-renewal for Annual Plan.

    Domain registration through Google

    If you purchase your domain name through Google while signing up for G Suite, you manage payments and renewals for the domain in your Google billing account. However, your domain isn't hosted by Google—it's hosted instead by one of our domain host partners.

    For details, see Domain registration.

    Suspended accounts

    If your automatic payment ever fails, you have 30 days to fix payments or your G Suite services will be suspended. You can prevent suspension by keeping your primary payment method up to date and optionally adding credit to your account. If your service is suspended, you can lift your suspension by fixing your payment method and paying off your balance.

    For details, see Suspended account.

    Canceling your subscription

    If you no longer want to use G Suite services, you can cancel your G Suite subscription at any time. If you cancel your Annual Plan before the end of your contract, however, you'll have to pay a closeout charge (the remaining amount of your annual commitment).

    For details, see Cancel your G Suite subscription.

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