Set up Desk 27 all-in-one (personal spaces)

1. Complete the basic settings

Complete these steps to connect your Google Meet Series One Desk 27 to WiFi and select basic settings, such as language and time zone.

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Turn on device & complete the basic settings

  1. On the back of the device, press the power button and wait for ChromeVox to appear.
    Important: Do not tap Get Started.
  2. Select a ChromeVox option to turn the screen reader on or off.
    You can change this setting later, if necessary.
  3. Change the optional settings, if necessary.
    1. To change default language and keyboard setup, tap English, select options, and tap OK.
    2. To adjust any accessibility settings, tap Accessibility.
      You can change the language and accessibility settings later, if necessary.
  4. Tap Timezone and select your local time zone.
    Meetings will be scheduled and appear on the device in your local time.
  5. Tap Get Started.
  6. Connect to a network:
    1. Tap the wireless network name.
    2. Tap Password and use the on-screen keyboard to enter the password.
    3. Tap Connect.
      Join a WiFi network

      Tip: If you’re using an Ethernet connection, it’s automatically detected. Just wait for the network to connect and tap Next.
  7. Wait for any updates to be applied.

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