Make a payment feature

The Make a payment feature lets you pay for your charges at any time, with any form of payment that's available to you with your account's country and currency settings. Learn how to use it. Note: you must set up automatic payments before you can make a manual payment.

If you're on automatic payments, you're not required to use the Make a payment feature unless you need to pay off a declined automatic payment. In that case, we'll email you and let you know what steps to take.

However, you can choose to use Make a payment any time you want more flexibility in when you're charged and what you pay with. For example, you can choose to pay your entire account balance or just a fraction of it. If you want to pay with a new form of payment, or divide your balance among several forms of payment, you can easily do so.

What happens if I initiate a payment for more than my balance?

You can initiate a payment for an amount greater than your balance at any time. If you do so, you prevent yourself from being charged until the extra payment amount has been depleted and you've reached the end of your next billing cycle.

When you pay for more than your account balance, you create a negative balance in your account. A negative balance means that there are funds remaining to cover future costs.