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Following a simulation or synchronization, Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) generates reports that you can use to assess the success of your simulation or sync. After a sync, users in the configuration get an email notification about the outcome of the sync. You can customize who gets the notification and what's in it.

About the reports

Tip: In the reports, local means your LDAP data and remote is your Google data.

You can view the reports in Configuration Manager or the log file.

  • Proposed change report—After a simulation, GCDS generates an analysis of the proposed changes, which is based on the data that you want to sync. The report can also include warnings or errors. For example, the report might contain details about the number of users who are potentially affected or proposed modifications to a custom schema.
  • Change status report—After a sync, you can review information about the sync results. For example, you can review details about the users who were modified.

    If you get unexpected results, compare the details with the proposed change report. It could be that GCDS didn’t detect a difference between the LDAP data and your Google data. Or, GCDS detected the difference but failed to sync the data.

    If data isn't modified following a sync, there's no report in the logs. 

About email notifications

When a sync completes, regardless of whether it is successful or not, users in the GCDS configuration get an email that has the same information as the change status report. From the subject line, recipients can review the time and date of the sync, if the sync was a success or failure, and the number of errors and warnings.

For details on how to set up and customize notifications, go to Notification attributes.

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